NFL Star Travis Kelce Throws a Punch at Teammate During Training Camp (Video)

Tempers flared during the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp session Saturday. 

After Travis Kelce hauled in a touchdown pass from All-Pro quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the star tight end threw a punch with his left hand in the direction of backup linebacker Jack Cochrane.

Saturday’s incident was not the first time Kelce’s emotions ran high on the practice field. 

On Friday, he got into a shoving match with cornerback Dicaprio Bootle.

Saturday’s scuffle started after Cochrane tried to knock the ball out of Kelce’s hands at the end of the play. At least one teammate approached Kelce and Cochrane in an effort to calm the situation.

Kelce later took to Twitter and issued an apology, saying he needs to be a “better leader” and “better teammate.”

Tussles between teammates during training camp are not uncommon. Players often have to compete in hot weather, and athletes on the bottom of the roster are trying to earn a spot on a team before the start of the regular season. 

Chiefs coach Andy Reid argued fights are counterproductive.

“Fighting is a waste of time,” Reid said after Saturday’s practice. “You get thrown out of games doing it, you get hurt out here doing it. But they’re going to jaw. It’s hot, humid. They’re going to jaw a little bit. Just as long as there are not punches thrown, we’re all right.”

During the early portion of his career, Kelce was penalized several times for unsportsmanlike conduct. He was ejected during a 2016 game against the Jaguars after he threw a towel at an official who called a penalty.

Cochrane went undrafted in 2022. He was signed to the Chiefs’ practice squad last year in late August before earning a spot of the 53-man roster in September.

He appeared in 15 games in 2022 and recorded nine tackles.

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