Actress Sues Disney After ‘Life-Changing Injury’ on Set

An actress is suing Disney after claiming to have suffered a ‘life-changing’ injury on the set of Cruella.

Joanne Tremain, 32, who was an extra in the film, says she was made to wear platform heels that were one size too big on a wet set, which caused her to slip and dislocate her kneecap.

The actress claims that despite ‘screaming out in pain’, Disney employees told her she would have to make her own way to hospital before a studio member of staff gave her a lift in a minibus.

Speaking about her experience, Jo, who has not worked as an actress since the incident in 2019, said: “I was made to wear shoes that were too big on a set where drinks were spilt.

“How can they deny responsibility and claim there is no footage of the incident? This has changed my life as I have had four knee dislocations, reconstructive surgery and I can’t stand for long periods, or my leg swells up.

“I have trouble bending and a numb lower leg which I’m told may never go. I was just starting out on my acting career and though I want to continue this incident could have ended it.”

The performer was called up as an extra for Cruella at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, after doing some modelling work on Fast and the Furious 9.

Jo says that during a ballroom scene for the film, which stars Emma Stone, her right leg slipped and she ‘ended up on the floor.’

Stating she had ‘never felt so much pain in her life’, she added: “My kneecap was on the side of my leg but when somebody straightened my leg it came back into place, and I screamed even more.“ Jo claims she dislocated her kneecap after the incident

Barbara Wojno, a specialist personal injury lawyer from Osbornes Law, who represents Joanne, said: “My client suffered a horrendous debilitating injury that she still suffers from today through no fault of her own while following her dreams of becoming an actress.

“Disney had a duty of care to look after her and we argue they categorically failed in this duty. I hope Disney do the right thing and settle this case so my client can move on with her life.”

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