Bradley Cooper Upset Tom Brady is Dating His Ex? (Video)

Earlier this week a report emerged suggesting model Irina Shayk and former NFL star Tom Brady are entering a new romance.

That report “bothered” star actor Bradley Cooper, Shayk’s ex.

“To say he is not bothered by this would be a lie,’ a source told DailyMail. ‘He has been on and off and on with Irina and he has so much love for her.

“She is the mother to his girl and they are his two favorite women in the world. He feels that, for the first time, she met someone in Tom that would take her heart away from him forever.”

Well, that report may not have been accurate. A new source told Page Six that Cooper is not “freaked out” by the emerging romance between Brady and Shayk.

From Page Six:

“Right now, he is taking a wait-and-see attitude,” says our source. “[Brady and Shayk] didn’t declare their love. This could be over in two, three weeks.”

The source continues, “He isn’t freaked out.”

Last November, Page Six reported that the pair, who have remained friendly as co-parents, were attempting to rekindle their relationship and possibly trying to expand their family.

But, we hear, things fizzled.

According to Page Six, Cooper was actually aware Shayk would be going on a date with the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for the duo.

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