TV Judge Greg Mathis Accused of Pulling Gun on City Workers

Judge Greg Mathis entered it with some Los Angeles City staff members … however there are dramatically various stories from each side regarding simply how extreme things intensified.

Police sources inform us a worker from the L.A. Dept. of Water and Power made a report Tuesday implicating Mathis of threatening employees with a weapon after a heated fight.

According to the staff member, Mathis got pissed after they asked him to move his lorry– words were exchanged– and things intensified to the point of Mathis apparently flashing and pointing his weapon at the employees.

Nevertheless, we talked to Mathis, who has a much various story. Mathis informs us the staff members were really obstructing his lorry in, and he was not able to take out of his driveway.

Mathis states among the staff members got clever with him when he stood in the street, stating if he didn’t move, he ‘d get run over by their work truck. Mathis took that as a hazard, and informs us he notified he had a weapon– though he states he never ever revealed the weapon, not to mention pointed it at anybody.

Ultimately, both sides cooled down … and the LADWP staff members continued with their work even more down the street. Plainly, the staff members were disturbed by the interaction, as they took the accusations to police officers.

We’re informed the LAPD took a displaying report, and the case is formally under examination.

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