Video Shows Dad Smashing Car Windshield in Attempt to Rescue Baby Left Inside (Video)

The tense footage shows the parents from Texas desperately smashing the glass to free the child who was left inside the scorching hot vehicle in Harlingen, southern Texas on Wednesday (19 July).

The child was left in the car when the family accidentally left the keys inside the vehicle, which was parked outside a H-E-B.

A passerby filmed as a crowd gathered around the vehicle to get the baby out of the car. Members of the public can be seen working together to smash the windshield with different objects before a man reaches inside and pulls the baby out through the broken windshield.

The TikToker who filmed the miraculous rescue said what was not seen in the video was the moment a woman climbed into the car through the broken front windshield to reach the baby and hand the child to the man, Fox News reports.

It is unclear how long the child was in the car before they were rescued.


@lindahdz91 Baby locked in car.. hope baby is okay not sure who vehicle or whos baby it is #awarness #baby #harlingen #956 ♬ original sound – user4362240051779

The majority of child hot car deaths — 53% — happen because someone forgets a child in a car. More than half of the deaths – 54% – are children under the age of two.

US Police guidance for anyone who sees children locked inside a vehicle is to call 911. It’s very easy for children to become ill quickly when trapped inside a hot vehicle, especially on hot days.

St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital pediatrician Dr. Brian Birch explained: “A child’s core temperature can increase three-to-five-times faster than that of an adult. That increase in temperature can cause permanent brain or neurological injury, or even death, in just a very short time.”

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  1. What the heck is the matter with these loons? The side windows are much easier to break and then you unlock the doors?

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