Grammy-Winner Tori Kelly Collapses During Dinner in LA (Video)

Singer Tori Kelly is currently hospitalized and getting treatment for blood clots around her vital organs, with one source telling us the situation is “really serious.”

Sources close to the Grammy-winning singer tell us she was at dinner in downtown L.A. Sunday night with friends when her heart started beating really fast.

We’re told Tori passed out and was “out for a while.”

Our sources say Tori’s friends wanted to make sure she wasn’t taken to a hospital downtown, and instead taken to Cedars-Sinai, one of the country’s premiere hospitals. They carried her outside, loaded her in a vehicle and sped to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance.

News outlets were told Tori’s getting care in the ICU, doctors have discovered blood clots in Tori’s legs and her lungs and are still working to determine if any clots are around her heart.

The singer’s been in and out of consciousness during her hospitalization.

Tori has been in show business for many years, both as a singer and a songwriter.

She took home Grammys in 2019 for Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song and won the Billboard Women in Music Breakthrough Artist Award in 2015.

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  1. Do people not understand TIME – CRISIS – URGENCY?
    After she was stabilized they could have transferred her and in the meantime she could have been given drugs to try and Dissolve- eliminate the clots.
    I understand how they felt but this is the WORK OF our GUVMENT, FauxCi and Satan.
    Pray for her and ask for the Holy Spirit to be set upon her to heal her blood as life in in the Blood

  2. If all of these people falling reports, can’t be started with they either did or didn’t get the vaccine, if blood clots is mentioned, then report it as a reporter, sick of the dancing around the blood clots, myocarditis symptoms sickness and death, my mom died from blood clots, from that vaccine, you ask why I know? Six days d before she died she had stent to open up her arteries, do to blood clots, they traveled to her feet, then up to her heart!

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