Man, 60, Dies After Stone Slab Falls on Him at Work (Video)

A Nebraska man died after a stone slab fell on him at his workplace on Monday.

Authorities responded to a call at stone supplier UGM Surfaces about the accident that took 60-year-old Robert Irwin’s life, reported Omaha news outlet KETV.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a preliminary investigation found that Irwin was struck by a piece of marble that fell over while it was being loaded into a truck, per WMTV-NBC 15.

CPR was already being performed on Irwin when he was transported to Bergan Mercy Hospital, but was later pronounced dead, authorities said via KETV.OSHA will continue to investigate Irwin’s death, both KETV and WMTV-NBC 15 reported.

Irwin’s daughter, Jennifer Hussman, told WMTV-NBC 15 of hearing about her father’s accident: “I got a voicemail that said he had been injured and I knew with what he did it probably wasn’t good.”“It was the worst news I’ve ever had in my life,” she added. “Two thousand pounds of granite or concrete fell on him.”

“He was the first person I called for anything. He was my best friend,” Hussman said of her father. “He was a hardworking man and worked his entire life. He did anything for his kids. Everything for me and my brother.”

She noted, “I won’t get to see my dad … my kids won’t get to see their grandpa. If my brother ever has a child, that child will never be able to meet him … all because he went to work.”

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