Outrage After Reality TV Star Films Himself Running Over Deer in ‘Sick Video’

The ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ reality show star and farmer from Victoria, Australia who went on the Seven Network program in a bid to find love has been outed by someone who claims to follow him on Snapchat.

A user who reportedly follows Trewin on the platform came forward alleging he shared a video of himself in a car ‘literally running over a sambar deer’.

The social media user made the claim in a message to So Dramatic!’s podcast and the issue was discussed in episode 304.

They claimed: “Matt Trewin thought it would be funny to put a Snapchat Story of him literally

Deer hunting is legal in certain areas of Australia, however, you must have a deer hunting license according to Full Force Hunting.

It’s website states: “There are many locations all over Australia where creative sport hunters can pursue any of the six native species, providing that they act responsibly and considerably to the wild animals in the hunting area. Knowledge is vital for successful deer hunting in Australia along with expertise, ethics, and a strong passion for the natural environment.”

The footage has reportedly been seen by So Dramatic! and according to the outlet, Trewin can be seen in the vehicle at what appears to be night time – ‘around 9:30pm’ the outlet reports – deliberately setting out to hit the animal with the car.

While it’s okay to hunt some deer in certain areas, it’s not considered ethical to hunt the animal while in a vehicle and you’re not allowed to hunt them when it’s dark either.

According to section 47 of the Wildlife Game Regulations Act: “A person must not hunt, take or destroy game during the period commencing a half-hour after sunset on any day and ending a half-hour before sunrise on the next day.”

Section 49 reads: “A person must not hunt, take or destroy game from an aircraft or motor vehicle.” Both breaches result in the person who abused the rules being fined 20 penalty points.

In a statement to So Dramatic!, Trewin said he ‘can’t help if [the deer] are on the road’.

The farmer said: “I have a game hunting license and I also have permits to remove them from private property.”

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