Woman URINATES on Floor of Spirit Airlines Plane (Video)

A woman was caught urinating on the floor of a plane after complaining that staff had prevented her from using the bathroom for two hours. 

Video posted online showed an unidentified woman squatting in the corner of what appears to be a Spirit Airlines jet urinating as a flight attendant, wearing Spirit Airlines’ black and yellow uniform, films her.

The woman yells at the flight attendant, saying she has needed to pee for two hours, but was told she was not allowed to and the bathroom doors were closed.

The incident comes amid a spate of unruly passengers onboard planes in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

In the short video posted online Thursday, the woman claims she was denied bathroom access onboard a flight.’I need to piss two hours, you tell me you cannot, you close the doors,’ she tells the flight attendant filming her. 

The flight attendant filming her then says she should ‘say hello to the camera for me,’ to which the woman says the flight attendant should ‘blame yourself.’

Your plane is stopped, I said I cannot hold the pee.’You can do whatever you want,’ she tells the flight attendant. ‘You can send a warrant, arresting me is better than this.’

The flight attendant, meanwhile, tells her she should drink some water ‘because your pee smells disgusting.’ At the end of the 20-second video, the passenger gets up and pulls up her pants, before she starts to walk away. 


The woman claims in the video she was denied access to the bathroom for two hours. She is seen here lifting her pants at the end before she walks away

The incident comes as passengers continue to have outbursts on flights, as travel booms internationally following the COVID pandemic.

Earlier this month, an unruly business class passenger was kicked off a transatlantic United Airlines flight after he started complaining that his meal choice was unavailable. 

Multiple people, both in the air and on the ground once the flight diverted, recorded the man ranting about how he didn’t get his desired meal – saying he was ‘treated like s**t’ after forking out $1,000 extra for a business class ticket. 

Passengers are usually offered a full three-course meal in addition to more food throughout the flight. 

The airline later confirmed that flight UA20 from Houston to Amsterdam was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Chicago because of passenger disturbance on July 9. 

The decision to divert the aircraft and remove the man, who was recorded harassing staff and other passengers, was made before the Boeing 777-200 was over the Atlantic Ocean.

The unidentified man in question was only around 2 hours and 30 minutes into the flight before he was forced to disembark. After the flight was refueled, the passengers were able to continue their transatlantic flight to Amsterdam. 

On another flight this month, two women began brawling in mid-air.

Video posted online showed the women getting into a frenzy, screaming and yelling at each other while being physically restrained by other passengers. 

Their antics caught the ire of those on board as frustrated travelers begged the women to ‘shut up’ and ‘get some class’, which only fueled their mania and led one to even strike a man on the head as she moved down the aisle. 

After hours of attempts to calm them failed, Frontier Airlines flight 2143 from Philadelphia to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver so the women could be hauled off by police. It is unclear if they faced any charges. 

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  1. I don’t blame the woman if what she said is true not letting someone use the bathroom for 2 hours when you have to go is horrible. I was on a bus and the bathroom was out of order I told the driver and it was another half hour before he stopped if he hadn’t of stopped when he did I was going to go down where the bathroom was and go on the floor you can only hold it in for so long

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