Sony Execs Dismiss Vanna White’s Pay Increase Demands on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Vanna White and the executives behind Wheel of Fortune are struggling to come to an agreement — with the higher-ups arguing against a raise because they overpaid Pat Sajak.

According to sources close to the situation, White’s powerhouse attorney Bryan Friedman recently worked out a deal with Sony executives for the longtime co-host to continue working on Celebrity Wheel — the spin-off of Wheel of Fortune that she worked on with Pat.

An insider said the deal for the show was up soon. Sajak was being paid $400k per episode of Celebrity Wheel. White’s lawyer convinced execs to increase White’s salary for the spin-off to $100k per episode, which she felt was a win.

However, her contract for Wheel of Fortune has yet to be finalized. As we previously reported, sources claim Sajak was pulling in $15 million per year for his role as host.

An insider claimed White has been paid $3 million per year for over a decade. Sources claim she wants to increase her salary to at least half of what Sajak was making — at least $7 million.

However, sources told TMZ that execs are not being “receptive” to White’s demands. Friedman asked Sony execs to hire a third party to evaluate White’s value to the company, but the studio turned down the offer.

The source claimed they overpaid Sajak and don’t feel the need to increase White’s salary.

A source said, “It’s gonna get ugly if they [Sony] don’t get more serious.” Friedman has previously worked for Megyn Kelly, Gabrielle Union and Mariah Carey.

As first reported, sources close to the situation revealed White wanted to throw her name in the running to take over for Sajak.

Sony execs killed that idea when they hired Ryan Seacrest to take over as host after Sajak retires after the upcoming season.

“The time has come,” Sajak announced in June. “I’ve decided that our 41st season, which begins in September, will be my last.”

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  1. This request is ridiculous! We have doctors, scientists, and lawyers that do far more comple work and don’t even bring in that type of money. For crying out loud the letters are computerized and can come up WITHOUT help from an aging celebrity that just claps walks back and forth and touches a screen.

    Good Lord Vanna grow a brain and in touch with reality. You have a cery cushy job that frankly takes no talent and there are women far more beautiful if they wa t a mantle piece. Give it a rest and quit making a fool of yourself!

  2. If they replace her I’ll guitar watching. She could do Pat’s job.

  3. Interesting how they ‘overpaid’ Pat Sajak so now Vanna is being punished! This is what happens to women! B.S!

  4. Yikes 3Million to turn letters on a board!! If I were you Vanna I would put a sock on it!! You are not going to get any other company to pay you that for any job you could do especially at your age now. GET A GRIP!

  5. Yikes 15Million to host the show!!!
    Vanna does more than turn letters on the show, she’s a co-host!!!
    They work as a team!!!
    Vanna is well worth 1/2 of Pat if not more!!!
    If Sony does not increase her insulting, demeaning pay (in comparison to Pat) to at least $7million then the show should be boycotted!
    Sure Ryan would be great, but as he looks forward to, with Vanna who deserves to stay and earn at least 1/2 the host if not more…otherwise NO SHOW!

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