‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Shocks Fans with ‘Dirty’ Joke

Ken Jennings is feeling a little thirsty, apparently.

This week, the “Jeopardy!” host made an NSFW joke on Twitter, and it sent some fans into a tizzy.

Jennings reposted a screenshot of an article from Fox News about Anji Nyquist, a “Jeopardy!” champion who had been named the “hottest contestant ever” by fans and recently spoke about their requests for her to join OnlyFans.

The article had used a solo photo of Jennings at his hosting desk to accompany the headline — which he clearly got a kick out of.“Let me stress that I haven’t made my decision yet,” the host joked in a message on the social media platform.

The Post has reached out to Jennings’ representatives for comment (and perhaps a decision).In response, some game show fans seemed to be intrigued by the potential of a Jennings’ OnlyFans page.

“Now that’s one I would subscribe to,” one user cheekily wrote.

Another agreed, saying, “Give the people what they want, Ken.”

“It’s important to have multiple streams of income,” someone else suggested.

However, others were put off by the host’s antics. “God I hope this is a joke!!!” one “Jeopardy!” fan wrote. Someone else seconded: “What is YIKES!”

It looks like Jennings drew some inspiration from Nyquist, who won the competition on July 5.

She recently told the Sun that after her appearance on the show, she took to Instagram to do a Q+A session for fans so that they could get to know her better.

But what happened after that was a bit more scandalous than a typical “Jeopardy!” episode.

“I did an ‘ask me anything,’” she told the outlet. “And there were a lot of people who asked, ‘Would you do an OnlyFans? It would be really popular.’”

Nyquist was crowned as the winner on July 5.
Nyquist was crowned as the winner on July 5.

Nyquist continued, explaining that she was “flattered” by the suggestion but was a bit weirded out by the variety of comments she received. “You’re gonna get some nice people, and you’re gonna get some creeps,” she said. “I have been getting DMs from random men.”

Meanwhile, as this current Season 39 of “Jeopardy!” begins to wrap up, some fans are worried about how the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike will affect Season 40 of the series.

Due to the strike, there are no clues that have been written for the next season.In May, while they were filming for this season, the game show’s other co-host, Mayim Bialik, walked off the set in support of the strike.Jennings took over her hosting duties to wrap up the final week of filming but was criticized by “The Big Bang Theory” star Wil Wheaton for crossing the picket line.

“This is a VERY small town, Ken Jennings, and we will all remember this,” the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor Wheaton wrote in a Facebook post at the time.

“Your privilege may protect you right now, but we will *never* forget.”

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