Sofia Vergara’s ‘Partying and Drinking’ Broke Up Marriage to Joe Manganiello?

Sofia Vergara’s love of partying was too much for her husband Joe Manganiello to handle, and sources claim it played a role in the couple’s divorce.

Manganiello, 46, and Vergara, 51, announced on Monday that they were divorcing after seven years of marriage.

During their marriage, the 46-year-old led a sober life and openly spoke about his battle with addiction in his 20s.

While he had come a long way since his early years, his wife’s drinking was described as a source of contention in their relationship.

Insiders revealed he would often crash at friends’ houses to escape the tempting environment at home.

Insiders alleged that when Vergara hosted “cocktail nights” at the couple’s Los Angeles home, Manganiello would sleep elsewhere.

According to the U.S. Sun, the True Blood star “found it challenging to be surrounded by potential temptation.”

The report alleged that the couple experienced a, “tricky past couple of years” that “saw them start to drift apart during the COVID pandemic.”

Vergara had “effectively been living like a single woman for the last few months,” according to some of her business associates.

Additionally, it was alleged that she spent quite a bit of time sans her husband while out with friends.

Another insider claimed that, “Certainly in the past couple of years, she would be out alone as Joe just wanted to avoid issues. It was tough for him. Everyone was very understanding, but he encouraged Sofia to live her life and be happy.”

Close pals to the America’s Got Talent judge echoed the remarks as they explained the couple “had a good run” but noted Vergara’s apparent affinity for “cocktails” played a role in their downfall.

“Sofia and Joe had a good run and managed to last longer than some within her friend circle suspected,” the insider claimed. “One factor was absolutely their differing take on partying and enjoying a cocktail.”

While Vergara was said to have always been open to her estranged husband about her social nature, her “soirees” became “increasingly tough” on Manganiello.

“Sofia really enjoys cocktails and drinks with girlfriends. It is one of the ways she lets her hair down. She has always been like that,” the source continued.

“She goes out to meet up with people at their homes and also hosts little soirees at her place. For Joe, that has become increasingly tough in recent years.”

The insider added, “[Manganiello] really worried that drinking alcohol again could send him spiraling, so he would always steer clear of temptation.”

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  1. Joe,
    Reach out to me and I’ll treat you like the man you are. To have an irresponsible woman acting like that at her age you need stability, caring, love, devotion, support, and open communication!

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