Man Dies During Nose Job After Clamp Goes into His Brain

A hotel worker has died after a clamp went into his brain while he was undergoing an operation on his nose in Peru.

Luis Fernando Dávila Castañeda was declared brain dead in hospital following the rhinoplasty procedure at a private clinic in the city of Tarapoto.

It has led to outrage from the family of the 40-year-old and authorities have confirmed they are investigating the case for possible medical negligence.

The surgery was carried out by Carlos Larios Villasis, in the San Martín clinic, and he contacted the family after Luis suffered irreversible brain damage, but they claim he also hung up when they persisted with questions, according to local media.

Luis was an administrator at the Hotel Boca Raton where his boss Edwin Puerta said that he knew that he was going to have rhinoplasty. He told how he contacted the hospital afterwards and they said that the operation had gone on for longer than normal with the patient now in a serious condition.

An X-ray showing the clamp
An X-ray showing the clamp ( Image: Jam Press)

He was transferred to a state hospital where medics discovered that he had the clamp in his brain and then announced that he was brain dead on July 7.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately launched an investigation with the Peruvian National Police carrying out checks at the clinic and tried to interview the surgeon over alleged medical negligence.

But they could not find Carlos Larios Villasis with the family of the deceased patient having said that he had travelled to the capital Lima.

Luis’ uncle Héctor Quintana said: “We want justice. We hope the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office will thoroughly investigate the matter to determine who is responsible.”

He also wrote on facebook: “Good afternoon to everyone, the Davila Castaneda family wants to thank from the heart everyone who supporting us and also feeling the irreparable pain of losing Luis Fernando, especially Edwin Puerta, the owner of Hotel Boca Raton and the person who in general has been in all moments been available to help out.” Authorities are now investigating possible medical negligence ( Image: Jam Press) The investigation into Dávila’s death is ongoing.

Many people have taken to social media to offer their condolences to the family and pay tribute. One person wrote wrote on Facebook : “My sincerest condolences and I wish you all the strength at this time of so much pain.” Another said: “Still feeling the loss of someone we knew well. He had so much to live for, rest in peace Luis Fernando.”

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