Woman Discusses Barbara Walters ‘Haunting’ Interview with Mary Kay Letourneau (Videos)

The scandal of a 34-year-old married teacher pregnant by her 13-year-old student shocked Americans back in 1996.

And rightfully so. But to TikToker @brishannas, Letourneau really said something strange when the pair spoke with Barbara Walters in 2015.

As the woman explained, the interview still “haunts” her to this very day. 

The TikToker pointed to a part of the conversation that was particularly disturbing. “I don’t know if enough time will ever pass where it will take away what the media did to our story,” Letourneau told Walters.

“Because it was so big and they ran with it so fast.” But as @brishannas explains, it really wasn’t the media that was the problem.

Letourneau was married and had four children when she was worked at Shorewood Elementary. It was there that she taught Vili Fualaau — then only 13 years old. 

The two were “caught in a minivan” by authorities. “Mary jumped to the front of the car and Vili was in the back acting like he was asleep.”

But despite having their suspicions about what the two were doing, authorities didn’t tell Fualaau’s mom what they believed was going on after they brought the pair back to the station.

So Fualaau’s mom told them to release her son back into his teacher’s custody. No arrests were made. And “two months later, Mary shows up pregnant.”

It was a member of her husband’s family that grew suspicious of the pregnancy. They called police and she was arrested and charged.

Letourneau was ultimately court ordered to stay away from her former student. But as the rest of her story would prove, she just couldn’t help herself. 

In a second part of the series, the TikToker explained that Letourneau and Fualaau would go on to have more children together.

The two even married in 2005 and stayed together for more than 10 years before splitting up in 2017. Despite their separation, Fualaau was with Letourneau when she passed from an illness in 2020.

We think it’s easy to see that it probably wasn’t the media that made the story a sensation.

It was the fact that an adult woman became obsessed with a young boy. 


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@brishannas #greenscreen #latenight #unbelievable #marykay ♬ Spooky, Quiet, Scary Atmosphere Piano – Bucyrus Audio

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  1. For God’s sake we can send a drone in to take out onternational terrorists and yet this country sits on their a—s while a senile old pervert puts us at a brink of WWIII has completely destroyed every single aspect of this country, has forrupt an entire administration, the FBI, DOJ, including letting criminals, illegals, and mentally insane run amok, giving our countries resources to everyone except the country and it’s citizens, and exposing our country to our enemies including opening up the border! Idiot can’t even get off stage so our vets, former military shouldn’t have any problem taking out a minion to satan! Even better Presidents were shot at for being exceptional. Yet the most grossly inconpetent they don’t? Sick US, SICK!

  2. A Pedophile then and even though shes gone she will always will be one. She was an Adulterer. She was a Mom and what would possess this person to do such a thing? LUST, not love

  3. Looks like he was obsessed with her too. She didn’t go after any other boys. Only that one. So it must have been love. He WAS too young, but what are you gonna do?

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