Teen Killed in Sawmill Accident Saves His Mother’s Life in Strange Twist

A Wisconsin teen who died in a freak sawmill accident will now save his mother’s life and others through organ donation, according to a report.

On June 29, Michael Schuls, 16, was working at Florence Hardwoods in the town of Florence trying to unclog a wood-stacking machine when he became trapped, WBAY reports.

He died in the hospital two days after the accident.

His father, Jim Schuls, spoke to WBAY following the tragedy and said he worked at the same store as his son.

“I’m telling you if you could’ve met this young man his heart was so pure. Wouldn’t hurt nobody, didn’t do nothing wrong,” he said. “I work at the same company where none of us would ever put our children in that position if we knew. They’re brokenhearted as well, as I am. I grew up in this community, I worked in this company for 6 years. They’ve done great things for me. I’m not faulting anybody.”

In a twist, Michael’s death was able to save his mother’s life and his organs will be donated to others in need.

“Lucky enough his mom was the perfect match for his liver and seven or eight other families received life. He delivered the miracle we prayed for seven other families, including his mother. That’s what’s keeping me going,” his dad told WBAY.

A GoFundMe account was set up to support the family, and it has raised over $22,000. A scholarship is also being created in his memory.

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