Matt Lauer ‘Escorted’ from Ladies-Only Luncheon for ‘Lurking’

Disgraced Matt Lauer took a group of women by surprise when he crashed their all-ladies luncheon this week.

The fired Today show host, 65, was accused of “lurking” near the females as they gathered at Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton on Thursday. Lauer has been a member of the club for several years.

However, the group of females was allegedly not impressed with his surprise appearance, with a source sharing that he appeared to be “lurking.”

He was the only man who came in out of all the men at the club,” an insider told Page Six. “There was zero reason for him to be… there lurking. ”The source also shared that a maitre d’ “escorted him to [a] private area where he had his lunch.”

Lauer allegedly ate his afternoon meal alone as the ladies continued their business, trying on duds from a new luxury golf brand.

The former respected journalist, who lost his lucrative TV job in 2017 following allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior, is an avid golfer who spends his days taking swings at the fancy golf club with an initiation fee starting around $500k.

According to a separate source, the club and its staff “take great care of him there,” adding it’s not strange to see him wandering around the premises, including the clubhouse where the all-ladies lunch took place.

The embattled former morning show anchor has been spending time in the Hamptons after his career came to a screeching halt following the damning accusations.

In November 2017, he was fired by NBC after a woman came forward to accuse him of raping her in a hotel during the 2014 Olympics. Lauer denied the allegations and said the encounter was consensual.

Shortly after he lost his job, his wife of 21 years, Annette Roque, filed for divorce. But his wife wasn’t the only person he lost after the scandal. Lauer was shunned by his close friend and former Today co-host Katie Couric, who threw him under the bus to promote her memoir.

Back in 2021, during her press tour, Couric said it was “really, really hard” to process the allegations against Lauer. She said she was “shocked” and called his behavior “grossly inappropriate.”

Sources told this outlet that he will “never” talk to her again after the comments she made, adding, “He would never do that to her!”

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