Man, 22, Accused of Horrendous Crimes Against Cats

Warning this is a disturbing story…

An Illinois man has been accused of torturing and killing at least four cats by placing them in the microwave in his apartment. 

According to Fox News, Thomas Martel turned himself in to the police on Monday after a woman filed a complaint of animal cruelty against him. The 22-year-old has been charged with four felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and two felony counts of animal torture, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Martel is accused of mutilating, fatally drowning and squeezing three cats, according to an arrest report obtained by FOX 32 Chicago

Authorities reportedly discovered three cats in a bag at Martel’s Wicker Park home. His girlfriend, who filed the complaint of animal cruelty, alleged Martel microwaved the cats before putting them into a plastic bag, reported local news outlet CWB Chicago

All of the kittens allegedly killed by Martel were called Shelly and he would reportedly buy lookalike cats so his mom wouldn’t grow suspicious, police allege, according to the outlet. 

“We’re seeing a pattern of going back again and again,” Judge Kelly McCarthy said during Martel’s bail hearing on Tuesday.

“Killing an animal, going out and get a replacement, kill that one, get a replacement, kill that one, get a replacement; and unfortunately, this was allowed to continue for a sustained period of time, and numerous animals lost their lives.”

As reported by the outlet, Martel’s girlfriend initially became aware of his alleged actions after someone sent her a video of him allegedly throwing a pillowcase, which apparently contained his cat named Shelly, into Lake Michigan.

Authorities also claimed Martel recently told his girlfriend that “he enjoyed killing cats, and he had been like that since he was 8 years old,” according to CWB Chicago.

The girlfriend alleged to police she saw Martel drowning one of his cats while he was heavily intoxicated and taking narcotics, according to Fox News. 

Before she contacted authorities, Martel had allegedly admitted to her that he had microwaved three of the cats and placed them in a plastic bag, which he then stored in a cabinet in his apartment, according to police, per Fox News. 

On Tuesday, Judge McCarthy set Martel’s bail at $75,000 with special conditions including electronic monitoring, no contact with any animals and all cats being removed from his home.

He will next appear in court on July 17. 

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  1. So rather than to put this A Hole in proson since the next gictim will be a person if not another cat the Fing judge lets him go! Well done A Hole! Typical democrat Chicago on crime leniency!

  2. This POS deserves to be behind bars. Isn’t animal abuse a felony now?
    Or does that only pertain to dogs? If so, this will give abusers the OK to torture and kill cats. Get this monster off the streets before he kills again. In microwaves yet!
    I can’t think of a more horrible way to be killed. Think of the suffering.
    BTW – most serial killers started by torturing and killing cats…

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