Amusement Park Guest Gets Slapped During Meltdown at Universal Studios (Video)

A shocking viral video captured a Guest having a total meltdown, with other Guests and employees getting involved.

Theme parks are the ideal vacation destination for families all over the world. From Walt Disney World and Disneyland to Six Flags and Dollywood, there’s a near-limitless supply of fantastic theme park resorts waiting for Guests.

One of the highlights of theme parks is usually the family-friendly atmosphere and setting, allowing Guests of all ages to let loose and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, the one thing that isn’t guaranteed is Guest behavior.

No matter how strict the rules and regulations are, there’s no telling what a Guest may do or say. In the past, we’ve seen some truly shocking stuff at the Walt Disney World Resort, ranging from fistfights to Guests flashing their chest in front of others. 

The Universal Studios suite of Parks and Resorts is no different, with Guests going on “adventures” of their own.

Recently, a Guest had a “meltdown” at the Universal Orlando Resort, with a video going viral on places like Twitter and TikTok.

The short clip shows a Guest screaming and yelling at other Guests as well as Team Members. The Guest also falls to the ground at one point and gets into an argument with one specific Guest.

At one point, the screaming Guest is slapped by another Guest. Shortly after this, the video ends. The full video can be seen down below:


We are unsure what prompted this incident or what the argument was about. We also do not know if this Guest was let into the Parks.

Behavior like this is strictly prohibited, so it’s possible all the Guests involved were removed from the Park.

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  1. The person at the entrance should have said if you don’t know who you are how am I supposed to know who you are

  2. I love it when they say ‘you don’t know who I am’. Who cares lady. Going viral so her employer might not be very happy.

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