Singer Found Dead in Bathroom Minutes Before Performance (Video)

A renowned singer Lee Sang Eun was found dead in her bathroom. According to police reports, one of the staff members from the event found her dead body ahead of the scheduled performance in South Korea. 

The report also states that the staff called the police after finding the singer’s lifeless body in the concert venue’s third-floor women’s bathroom.

As part of an event honouring the cultural exchange between Honam and England, the singer was slated to perform Carmina Burana at the Grand Hall of the Gimcheon Culture and Art Centre. In the reports, the event staff member said, “It was time for Lee Sung Eun to take the stage, but she wasn’t backstage. She was lying on the floor when I looked in the bathroom.

“It was time for Lee Sand Eun to come on stage, but she wasn’t backstage. When I looked in the bathroom, I found her lying on the floor” Koreaboo quoted a staff from the night. The singer was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead reportedly. 

Meanwhile, reports, also claim that the police don’t foul play in the matter. Meanwhile, talking about Korean singer Lee Sang Eun was reportedly invited to perform at the 33rd Regular Concert of the Gimcheon Municipal Choir which was organized in collaboration with the Maokpo Municipal Choir.

One of the most adored soprano singers, the crooner was well-known and esteemed. She finished her undergraduate work at Seoul National University and later earned a master’s degree from New York’s Mannes School of Music.  Recently, South Korean singer Choi Sung Bong was also found dead at his home in Seoul on June 21.

The late singer posted a farewell message on his YouTube channel which led to police believing that he died by suicide. For the unversed, Choi Sung Bong was involved in a controversy after he lied about suffering from cancer and got donations from the public for his treatment.

In 2021, he admitted to faking his terminal illness to receive money causing trouble, and revealed he repaid all the donation that was given to him.

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