Britney Spears Slapped in Face by NBA Star Victor Wembanyama’s Security

Britney Spears was allegedly assaulted Wednesday night in Vegas, after a member of NBA phenom Victor Wembanyama’s security backhanded her in the face, and she has filed a police report.

The incident went down at Catch restaurant in the ARIA Hotel around 8:30 PM. Britney, along with her husband, Sam Asghari, and 2 others went to the restaurant for dinner.

She was swarmed by fans as she entered the casino.

Britney and co. walked over to Catch, and as they were entering the restaurant, Britney spotted Victor.

We’re told she’s a fan and went over to him to ask if they could take a photo together. She tapped him on his back, right shoulder and, we’re told the Director of Team Security for the San Antonio Spurs (the team that drafted Victor last month) instantly backhanded her, causing her to fall to the ground and knocking her glasses off.

Britney composed herself and went to her table. We’re told the security guy came over to the table and apologized.

He said, “You understand how it is when you’re being swarmed by fans.” He apologized and Britney accepted it. BTW, we’re told he also said when he slapped her he didn’t know who she was.

Britney’s security team spent time with Victor’s security guy, and afterward her team filed a police report with the Metropolitan Police Department alleging battery.

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  1. …Too Funny!!!! A THUG Player, from a THUG Team, in a THUG league hiring it’s own thugs….to beat up other people who have their own THUGS. Then…the THUGS all sit down for a meeting, work things out…and file charges. Way too funny. Too, too funny. I’m sure that THUG Coach Popovich will sit the young THUG down for some counseling! Funny how David Robinson never needed to “backhand” people. But then again, if you are not a THUG, you can show some class.

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