Heather Locklear Drinking Again and Taking Ozempic as ‘Worried’ Family Feels ‘Helpless’ (Video)

Heather Locklear has reportedly fallen off the wagon and her relatives, including ex-husband Richie Sambora, are concerned.

“Heather is drinking,” a source said on Wednesday.

“The family is very worried. Everyone feels helpless. Richie her family, especially her daughter Ava who loves her so much.”

Video of Locklear, 61, appearing very distressed and talking to herself surfaced online Tuesday.

The now-viral clip, taken outside of an office building in Malibu, Calif., last week, showed the “Melrose Place” alum with messy hair and stumbling on the ledge of the property.


“Tequila has always been her drink,” the insider further claimed to Daily Mail. “She can’t stay away from it.”

The source, whose identity was not disclosed, also alleged that Locklear has lost 40 pounds after using the popular diabetes drug Ozempic.

“She obsesses over her weight,” the insider claimed.

The source also claimed that Ava Sambora, Locklear’s daughter with Richie, has had a particularly tough time having a “front-row seat to her mother’s addictions.”

The “Spin City” alum was married to the lead guitarist of Bon Jovi from 1994 to 1997 and Ava is their only child together.

Locklear has struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues for decades and has reportedly been to rehab over 20 times.

In November 2018, she was put on a psychiatric hold. Her therapist had determined she was suffering a mental breakdown after being arrested for battery of a police officer.

However, a source now claims Locklear did not receive the appropriate punishment for her wrongdoings, adding that the lack of “accountability” was to blame for her alleged relapse.

“Heather got off so easy with no probation or accountability after beating up cops and then threatening EMT ambulance drivers,” the insider explained.

“The no accountability has allowed her to continue to hide out on top of her mountain estate and drink her tequila body into a much larger unhappier figure.”

The source also alleged that Locklear’s fiancé Chris Heisser — whom, in 2021, she said she didn’t care if they married or not — has worked tirelessly to try and help keep her afloat.

“[Chris] has to drive her for mandatory errands and try to sustain his career while lying to family and friends consistently hiding her alcohol and drug problems,” the insider claimed.

“[The couple] told friends she has been drinking again months ago and would return to rehab to no avail.”

In April 2020, Locklear took to social media to celebrate one year of sobriety.

The “Dynasty” alum said on Instagram at the time, “I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

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