Attacker Chases Woman and Tries to Smash His Way Inside Her Home (Video)

The terrifying moment a man tried to smash his way into a home has been caught on camera after he unleashed an attack on a stranger in the street.

The woman was on a Facetime call to a friend in North West London when she was randomly attacked by Gulwali Stanezay on February 26.

Fearing for her life, she ran into a stranger’s home in an attempt to get away from her attacker. The woman’s father was alerted by her friend and he rushed out to look for her.

After failing to kick the door down, Stanezay appears to walk off before returning to the doorstep. He then makes eye contact with one of the cameras and tries to rip it off the wall. When that doesn’t work, he picks up a D-lock and uses it to hammer the camera off.

During this time, the householder was on the phone with emergency services begging them to come as he tried to smash the front door with the same lock, but said she was unable to get a timescale for when police could attend.

She told the Mirror earlier this year: “They kept saying they cannot give me an estimated time of arrival due to an event at Wembley,” with the football also blamed by officers who ultimately did arrive on scene after the man outside had gone.

The householder told how the attacker left them terrified as he launched his bid to smash in the property, saying: “Out of the blue suddenly he just starts on the door. I didn’t know what he had on him and at the time it was D-lock from a bicycle but all I could was a small circle and I thought it was a bullet. At this point, I told the handler on the phone it could be a gun”.

The woman added: “He was relentless and you can see the glass shattering.

“My partner was in the hallway just watching the barrier between him and the man crumble. The man gets his hand through the door and tries to under to lock but is unable to and then revers to kicking the door again.”

In the clip, Stanezay uses the lock to batter the front door, smashing the glass. All three in the home were terrified and barricaded the door with a sofa bed while they waited for the police to come.

Thankfully, Stanezay failed to unlock the door to come in. He then made off, before police arrived at the scene and officers were unable to find him that night.

In the footage shared, a police officer can be heard telling the householder: “We did our best to find him and we chased after him….and we couldn’t find him.”

The woman replies, explaining how long she was on the phone with the police. The cop then says: “I appreciate that but we’re very busy because it’s football”. Wembley Stadium had been hosting the Carabao Cup final between Manchester United and Newcastle United on the evening of the attack.

Stanezay was arrested on March 1, three days after police were called to reports of two people assaulted and vehicles damaged at the location. He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and two counts of criminal damage on May 22 at Harrow Crown Court. He was remanded ahead of sentencing on July 6.

At the time, the woman said that while the ordeal traumatized her she didn’t feel any “malice” towards him and hoped he gets the “care that he needs”.


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  1. And again, the assailant is off scot-free in the liberal Utopia’s. Will the weak minded ever learn, you can’t sweet talk the criminals?

  2. Aaaand that’s why Americans will NEVER willingly give up our weapons. Football? SERIOUSLY?

  3. BLAME the miserable Politicians who screwed the citizenry and brought these rabid animals into your presence. They dont care they have guards but one day they wont be so lucky and that goes for the USA too and our nothingness representatives and their knuckling and sucking of those with the big bucks

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