Knife-Wielding Lawyer Kills His Mother and Dog (Video)

San Francisco police released body camera footage Friday showing the events that led to the fatal takedown of a man accused of killing his mother and her dog.

Responding officer Eduardo Villanueva shot and killed Marc Child, 37, on June 22 after Child allegedly killed his 76-year-old mother and her dog with a walking stick, CBS News reported.

Body camera footage of the deadly encounter shows Child, a licensed California attorney, advancing on his 84-year-old father and Villanueva with a knife, before the officer opened fire. 

In the video, Villanueva can be heard warning Child several times to stop advancing or he would shoot. At one point, Child mocks the officer, saying, “I’m not scared of you.” Villanueva eventually fired two shots, one of which hit Child in the chest.

Child was then transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wound, CBS News reported.


Child reportedly had a history of “drug-fueled outbursts and violence against his elderly parents,” leading them to seek a restraining order against him in 2021, The San Francisco Standard reported.

Child’s “outbursts have become increasingly more frequent and volatile, and we are afraid,” his father wrote in 2021, according to the outlet. “He also hears others’ voices and believes we are in danger even though we tried to assure him otherwise.”

Child’s parents also requested that he keep away from their two dogs, a pitbull named Lala and a golden retriever called Kilo, as they reportedly showed fear at the slightest sign of Child’s volatile behavior, the outlet reported.

Police Chief Bill Scott announced the department would not jump to conclusions about whether Villanueva complied with use of force standards until a full investigation is completed, CBS News reported.

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