Body ‘Without Arms or Legs’ Found on Tourist Beach

A body without arms or legs has washed upon a beach in Catalonia popular with tourists.

The gruesome discovery on Miracle beach is being investigated by the Guardia Civil, or Spanish police.

A lifeguard spotted the corps, and contacted the emergency services yesterday afternoon.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo subsequently confirmed via police sources that the body’s arms and legs were missing.

Initial investigations suggest it had been in the water for some time, and was that of a woman, although the advanced state of decomposition made it difficult to be certain.

Police are currently keeping an open mind as to circumstances which led to the individual’s death.

They have investigating the possibility of foul play, but also have not ruled out an accident.

The remains are now being examined by forensic scientists who are conducting an autopsy to try and establish cause of death.

Miracle beach is located less than half a mile from the center of Tarragona, a port city located on coast of the Mediterranean which is home to 130,000 people, as well as being a popular tourist destination.

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