Man Jumps Over Barrier at 800ft Canyon for Prank Then Slips (Video)

Stomach-churning footage shows the moment a prank almost turned deadly as a man jumped over a railing to a canyon and lost his footing.

Lots of people love a good prank – that’s why they get so many views online – but is the content worth risking your life over? No. No, it is not.

Still, that apparently didn’t stop one man from trying to wind people up when he visited Bryce Canyon in Utah; an area famous for its unique geology with ‘whimsically arranged rocks’.

The park covers 35,835 acres of land and features drops of 800 feet (240 metres) from the cliff tops to the base of the canyon. It has protective barriers in place to stop people tumbling over the edge, but that wasn’t going to stop this guy.

In the clip, which has resurfaced recently after first going viral last summer, the man can be seen striding towards the barrier before vaulting himself over it.

At first it seems like there’s nothing but a sheer drop below, but as the person behind the camera followed we see that he landed on another piece of rock, just a few feet from the edge.

It was there that things almost took a turn for the worse.


Rather than landing solidly on his feet, the man lost his balance and careened backwards, slipping dramatically down the dusty rock face.

A woman behind the camera can be heard screaming as he got closer to the edge of the cliff, but thankfully he came to a stop before going over it entirely.

I don’t even want to think about what was going through the guy’s mind – or, let’s be honest, his boxers – in that moment, but the relief when he stopped must have been overwhelming.

Though this video thankfully didn’t end in disaster, park officials have slammed the dangerous stunt and warned anyone else against trying it for themselves.

Park spokesperson Peter Densmore said: “Considering that this occurred at one of the park’s most popular viewpoints and dislodged rocks onto the heavily trafficked Navajo Loop below, we are extremely thankful that no serious injuries occurred.”

Densmore said park rangers are ‘always on call to respond to emergency situations that inevitably happen’, but made clear that dangerous behaviour ‘puts everyone at unnecessary risk’.

“Signs, barriers and regulations are in place for the safety of all of our visitors and the protection of this special place,” he said.

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  1. Saw people sitting on the edge with feet dangling over at the Grand Canyon,
    holding what looked like a 5 or 6 year old boy. I turned around and got back on the bus.

  2. I knew a guy who did something similar at the Grand Canyon with his baby son in arms. Idiots are everywhere. The son thinks his Dad is great, doesn’t even know. These fools fool everybody.

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