Rosie O’Donnell’s Trash Talk Angers Former Costar Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal didn’t take kindly to former costar Rosie O’Donnell claiming he was “never happy” with his American Gigolo role.

The television personality spoke about her time filming alongside Bernthal on the now-defunct Showtime series, which wrapped after only one season, claiming his suave character masked how he really felt toward the crime drama.

“Jon Bernthal was not happy with the show, and it was very clear,” O’Donnell told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s difficult to work that way on a set. He was never happy that he was playing a gigolo. And I’m like, ‘Well, it’s called American Gigolo.'”

O’Donnell portrayed Detective Sunday while he led the series as Julian “Johnny” Kaye.

“Maybe he didn’t think it would be as gigolo-y as it was because they really put him to work,” the interviewer said, to which she replied, “Listen, it was heavy on the gigolo.”

The Punisher actor previously confessed he didn’t know if he fit the role as a hunky casanova, but a source said that he still didn’t appreciate the potshots at him. The Showtime series was based on the 1980 film of the same name starring Richard Gere.

“I do not believe that I possess any kind of natural sex appeal,” the former Walking Dead star told GQ last April. “I’ve always looked at myself as this weird-looking guy. It’s crazy to me, but it scares me — and that’s why I’m gonna see it through.”

“I just really fundamentally believe you’ve got to pursue the things you’re scared of,” Bernthal continued. “If you’re scared of swimming in the ocean, you’ve got to get in there.”

TV insiders said that O’Donnell is always going to speak her mind, even if that upsets others.

“She is well beyond the point of tip-toeing around people’s feelings when she’s working,” the source shared. “She calls ’em like she sees ’em.”

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