Shocking Mugshot of Boyfriend Who Stabbed Softball Star 15 Times

The newly released mugshot of a Florida teen who brutally stabbed his softball star ex before cutting his own throat in a failed suicide bid shows him with a grisly stitched gash across his neck.

Spencer Pearson, 18, maniacally stabbed Madison Schemitz roughly 15 times after ambushing her and her mother in a Ponte Vedra Beach parking lot earlier this month.

The former high school football player then “steadily” sliced his own throat after the attack and spent several weeks in the hospital before being booked into a St. John’s County jail Friday.

Pearson — who also stabbed Schemitiz’s mother, Jacki Roge, and intervening bystander Kennedy Armstrong — made his initial court appearance Saturday and remains jailed without bond.

Still wearing bandages around his neck and outfitted in manacles and a blue prison suit, the recent Ponte Vedra High School graduate bowed his head while waiting for the proceeding to start.

Other than acknowledging that he understood the charges against him, the sullen suspect did not speak during the hearing.

A judge imposed no-contact orders for all three victims in the sickening, broad-daylight assault.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said Pearson is being held in special housing because he remains a suicide risk.

Spencer Pearson and Madison Schemitz.
Pearson stabbed his former girlfriend Madison Schemitz 15 times.

The local community rallied around the recuperating Schemitz after the attack, holding several local fundraisers and drawing nearly $150,000 on a GoFundMe page for her and her family.

She suffered serious injuries to her spine and was temporarily paralyzed at one point, according to friends and family.

The popular rising senior was with her mother and a friend at Mr. Chubby’s Wings on June 3 when she spotted Pearson lurking outside.

They quickly paid the check and left, but Pearson intercepted the group as they walked to their car and began hacking at Schemitz.

Pearson also stabbed her mother as she tried to intervene before Kennedy, a stranger who had just pulled into the lot, finally knocked him off Schemitz as she lay bleeding.

Pearson then began cutting his own neck, shocked witnesses recalled.

Roge reported Pearson to police just days before the attack, telling them he had been stalking her daughter both in person and online.

She also alerted Pearson’s mother about her concerns and was told that she would address them.

Spencer Pearson
Spencer Pearson in a recently released mugshot which shows the scar on his neck where he tried to kill himself after launching a grisly knife attack on his ex-girlfriend

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  1. That is not a scar on his neck. At this time, that is a sutured cut. A scar is a healed cut or incision that no longer has any sutures (stitches) in place.

  2. QUESTION: This person just killed someone and stabbed others. This person wanted to die but they saved him from his own murder?
    Its ok in the governments book to kill babies in the womb and those being born and its ok to give the jab and kill hundreds of thousands and or maime them for life but you go out of your way to want to save this person whose choices were to kill like the government does, injure people like the government does, but this one you chose to save?

    I do not understand the oxymoronic choices made here?
    Rhetorical BTW and yet not

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