Man Bitten and Dragged Off Boat by Shark in Florida National Park (Video)

In what could pass as an outtake from “Jaws”, a guy was bitten by a shark and dragged off his boat during a fishing trip in Florida last week and the video is wild.

The clip shows a group of fishermen in the Florida Everglades, anchored in a marsh. You see one guy’s rod in the water, and another guy (who’s on camera) bends down and starts to lean over the side of the small boat they’re all in.

As the dude starts to consider putting his hand in the water, one of his buddies tells him it’s probably not a good idea. He’s incredulous though, saying nothing will happen.

However, as soon as his fingers hit the water, a shark comes up and takes a bite! The fisherman yelps out in pain, getting dragged in and desperately tries getting back on board.

Park rangers responded to the scene, and reports say the guy was airlifted to the hospital — where he was treated for a hand injury.

As for the shark, it’s unclear what species it was exactly, but they say bull sharks and lemon sharks tend to swim in the area.


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  1. The shark did what he does he was fishing and the kid, well the kid is blessed it was a lemon and not a bull

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