Chris Cuomo and Bill O’Reilly Team Up at NewsNation

Tarnished anchors Chris Cuomo and Bill O’Reilly are pretending to be best buddies on NewsNation in a desperate bid to buff their battered public images — but the scandal-scarred stars hate each other’s guts.

The outspoken Cuomo host, 52, landed his regular gig at the tiny cable net after being axed by CNN in 2021. He has frequently featured the fired FOX News hothead, 73, at his new home on the streaming channel.

Tipsters dished the pompous pundits are happy to have TV soapboxes again and act like friends on camera — but behind the scenes, they’re anything but buddies.

“Chris and Bill are playing the game and figure by teaming up together they have a better shot of getting the last laugh on all their haters,” spilled an industry mole.

“They’re on totally different planets on so many issues, but that makes for lively debate and compelling TV — or so they hope.”

However, the insider admitted the guys are “never going to be best pals,” adding, “You only have to look at the body language to see how tense and frosty things can get between them — especially when Chris makes his snarky put-downs.”

Still, the spy squealed the ambitious news duo acknowledge they have a common goal to reform their reputation and regain their relevancy — and hope by tag-teaming on NewsNation they can once again wrestle their way to the top.

The former Cuomo Prime Time host was shown the door at CNN after a former colleague accused him of sexual misconduct. He refuted the charges, but he also landed in hot water with the network after helping his skirt-chasing brother — New York’s ex-governor Andrew — navigate his own career-rattling sexual harassment allegations.

The disgraced politician denied any wrongdoing but eventually resigned.

The onetime CNN superstar is also suing his beleaguered former employer for $125 million in lost wages and libel damages after claiming the company wrecked his job prospects by smearing his journalistic integrity.

In 2017, The O’Reilly Factor blowhard was given the heave-ho from his $25 million-a-year gig at FOX after being branded a serial creep by multiple women during his 20-year tenure.

The firebrand fumed, “I never mistreated anyone.” But sources said he’s forked out millions in settlement cash to accusers.

Despite their rocky pasts, the source blabbed, “These two still think they’re IT and that it’s their destiny to be recognized far and wide as top dogs in the prime-time TV world again — even if that means hamming up this unlikely on-air bromance.”

While a NewsNation rep insisted talk about bad blood between the two is “100 percent preposterous,” the insider also suggested Cuomo has a few tricks up his sleeve and may even invite other ousted anchors to appear on his show — like Today reject Matt Lauer.

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