One Person Killed and Several Injured in Horror 60mph Rollercoaster Crash

One person has reportedly died and several others injured after they were involved in a tragic rollercoaster crash in Stockholm.

The horror accident happened at the Grona Lund amusement park on Sunday when the park’s Jetline rollercoaster reportedly derailed during a ride.

A statement on the Grona Lund website reads: “A serious accident has occurred in Jetline. We cooperate with the emergency services. The park is closed until further notice.”

Witnesses told public broadcaster SVT the ride had party derailed, with police confirming several people had been injured.

According to the broadcaster, at least one person has been killed.

“We are emptying the park and we’ve started our investigation,” a police spokesperson said, as per The Sun.

Images show a number of police officers and vehicles close to the Jetline rollercoaster. At least one fire engine is also in attendance.

Cornelia, who had just been on the ride with her son, told Sweden’s TV4: “There was a lot of screaming. No one knew what was going on.”

Jenny Lagerstedt, who was visiting the park with her family, explained the track structure was shaking at the time of the horror accident. The journalist added that she heard a metallic noise moments beforehand.

She said: “My husband saw a roller coaster car with people in it falling to the ground.”

“My children were scared,” she added.

A police officer at the amusement park was quoted as saying several people had fallen off the ride and were found on the floor, reports Sweden’s Expressen.

The officer added that several more people were left stuck on the ride.

The Jetline rollercoaster is described as a “classic rollercoaster full of steep slopes and sharp turns that makes about a million riders cheer (or just scream) every season”, according to the park’s website.

It can reach speeds of up to 56mph and a height of 98 feet. The rollercoaster has been in operation at the park since 1988 and boasts a track length of 800 meters.

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