Boxer’s Ear EXPLODES in Horror Injury (Video)

Boxer Jade Bornea suffered an unusual gruesome injury as his ear ‘exploded’ during his defeat to Fernando Martinez on Saturday night.

The Filipino super-flyweight was beaten in his first world title attempt as Argentina’s IBF champion ultimately stopped him in round 11.

Prior to that though, Bornea put up a great fight.

The 28-year-old was 18-0 coming into the bout and earned his shot at the 15-0 world champion.

It was the challenger who started the more aggressive and posed questions for Martinez early on.

The champion adapted well and began to seriously take control in the middle rounds.

Bornea’s right earlobe slowly began to swell through the fight as it was hammered by several left hooks from Martinez.

In round nine, it shockingly burst open, splattering blood all over the ringside camera.

This is an injury very rarely seen in boxing.

Fight organizer PBC’s official Twitter account was even shocked as they said: “Jade Bornea’s ear just… exploded? Blood is literally pouring down the side of Bornea’s face, spraying on the glass of the camera.”

Remarkably, Bornea refused to let the injury affect him and continued to fight on.

Blood dripped down the right side of his body, but he battled through it as he kept trying to win the world title.


Two rounds later though, this dream finally died.

Referee Charlie Fitch stopped the fight after 30 seconds of round 11 as Martinez continued to pummel Bornea.

As a result, he retained his IBF super-flyweight crown.

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