Wild Footage Shows Drunk Woman Jumping Off Epcot Ride at Disney After Argument (Videos)

On Sunday, June 18th, the Gran Fiesta Tour in Disney World’s Epcot Park had a temporary shutdown.

In a hilarious turn of events, a passenger soaking in her Disney World experience was not about to be found sitting idly.

The Gran Fiesta Tour in Orlando features three characters formally named the “Three Caballeros.”

The watery tour takes you through a little bit of Central American history while on a tranquil boat-like ride.

While on the ride, passengers typically can expect to relax and enjoy the search for Donald Duck.

This time though, the ride had come to a stop at what appeared to be no more than 40 feet from the exit point when everything got a bit out of hand.


@shianne_1995 Replying to @Shianne_1995 drunk woman on The three Caballeros ride at epcot. #disney #epcot #fyp ♬ original sound – Shianne_1995

According to Insider, the woman was reported as drunk and causing a ruckus while still in her seat. As the ride had not come to the final exit the woman’s impatience grew.

She argued and nearly got in a fistfight with the boat behind her.


@shianne_1995 Part two. She screamed. Tried to fight with the people in the boat behind her. Swung on two young workers. Scared kids and pissed everyone off. Then ran and had to be taken out by security #disney #epcot #fyp ♬ original sound – Shianne_1995

The two videos that were taken and uploaded to TikTok were filmed by “shianne_1995.” The scene unfolded as the woman in question climbed out of her boat and onto the emergency exit ramp.

Other passengers can be heard commanding the woman to get back into her seat. Some start to ask if they can follow suit yet the employees say otherwise.

One voice called out above the rest towards the end of the first video: “Ma’am, you have thirty seconds or I’m coming back there and I’m taking you down.”

It seemed at first that she took the advice and went back, yet video two shows that the restless woman was not to be held back.

She again walked onto the ramp, unhooked the guard chain, and hopped over the fence. She may have had a ‘Fastpass’ she needed to use.

She also may have been late for a reservation at one of Epcot’s many venues.

Whatever the case, we do know that this will be one Disney trip to remember as the rogue visitor, fanny pack and all, was promptly removed by security as soon as she made it to the waiting area.

Just another day at “the happiest place on earth.“

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  1. Yep, the mentally deranged are perfect for the woke Disney! We stopped going to Disney and no longer support any company or business ventures they own.

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