NFL Quarterback Slammed Over Posting Pictures of Hunting Trip

Carson Wentz is going viral for his most recent post on social media.

On Friday, the Wentz Bros Outdoors Instagram account posted a photo of the NFL quarterback posing behind a black bear he killed on a recent hunt.

“Bucket list. Got the opportunity to spot and stalk black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth— Alaska! Incredible trip and an incredible animal,” the caption read.

Take a look at the post here:

The vast majority of fans in the comments are upset by this post.

“Why would you do this,” one wrote.

“Man!!! Honestly you just earned an unfollow from this eagles Fan!” another added.

“Incredible animal so you kill it?? Makes sense,” another said.

Wentz launched Wentz Bros Outdoors as a digital media series with his brother, Zach, in 2018. The show follows the two North Dakota brothers as they venture into the wild for hunting and fishing.

Wentz is still a free agent since his release from the Washington Commanders back in February.

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  1. This is legal get over it an, NFL player kneeling… definitely more offensive…..

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