Jamie Foxx’s Pal Claims ‘No One has Heard from Him’

Jamie Foxx ‘s co-star has said that “no one has heard from him” after the star endured a worrying medical emergency two months ago.

The 55-year-old actor stars in the new Netflix movie They Cloned Tyrone alongside John Boyega, who has now spoken out about his friend and colleague.

In April it was revealed that Jamie had experienced a “medical complication” and was hospitalized for an unknown health scare.

Then weeks later at the start of May, Jamie’s family revealed that he was no longer in hospital, with not much more revealed about his health since.

But now John Boyega has said that nobody has heard from Jamie before noting how he has called the star but hasn’t had a chance to connect properly yet.

Attending the movie premiere this week for They Cloned Tyrone, John revealed: “No one has heard from Jamie,” in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight which was published on June 14.

He went on: “I wanted him to show up here, but you know, I know he’s dealing with what he’s dealing with. I just wish him all the best.”

John then said: “I’ve been calling, I’m just gonna keep on calling. He better pick up. Come on Jamie!”

Jamie recently took to Instagram to share a teaser clip of They Cloned Tyrone, with him confirming it is set for release on July 21.

In the caption section, Jamie wrote: “It’s about to go down.”

The movie’s official synopsis states that it is about: “A series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy in this pulpy mystery caper.”

The filming for the movie was wrapped in April 2021 according to John’s Instagram – which means they went into post-production more than two years before Jamie’s health scare.

Jamie’s reported “medical complication” has left fans incredibly worried for the star.

But his representatives recently spoke out regarding Jamie when they slammed claims that the Covid-19 vaccination was behind the actor’s illness, which is unknown by the public.

In a statement, his representatives told NBC News the claims were and are “completely untrue”.

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  1. What else would they say to protect the Government.
    Fox had a stoke – after he got the jab
    They say hes blind but what else? Is he unable to speak for himself.
    I remember vividly when Fox Claimed Obama as his God
    I pray he has since found Christ and not died in that state
    He is/was Soooo Talented and could make such a difference in the world

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