Pixar’s First Nonbinary Character Sparks Debate

For the first time, Disney’s Pixar is featuring a nonbinary character in an upcoming movie, but the introduction is being mocked by many online.

That is because the character in question, which will be seen in the new movie Elemental, is not a human. Many people have drawn a comparison to a scene from the sitcom The Other Two, which features fake Disney executives introducing their first gay character to a movie.

Not everyone is making jokes online, as numerous social media users congratulated nonbinary voice actor Kai Ava Hauser, who announced they would be voicing the groundbreaking character in the new movie.

“BIG ANNOUNCEMENT,” Hauser tweeted on Friday. “I got to play Pixar’s first nonbinary character! Meet Lake!” Hauser included a picture of Lake, who looks like a body of humanized liquid, wearing a shirt and earrings. “I voice Lake in the new movie #Elemental! I’m seeing it in theaters tonight with my friends, so you can catch it in theaters too if you wanna see them.”

More than 16 million people viewed Hauser’s tweet, with many of their followers replying to offer up congratulations. Others, however, couldn’t help but recall a scene from a sitcom which echoed this situation.

“Not the LITERAL plot from The Other Two omg,” Twitter user @_ShamGod wrote. Retweeting Hauser’s announcement, the tweet included a clip from the sitcom, which features one of the main characters in a board meeting with Disney executives.

“Globby will be The Haunted Buddies first ever openly queer character,” an executive announces, describing a green gelatinous monster on a poster. “The goo is homosexual, isn’t that incredible?” The scene and storyline of a gay actor voicing a gay “glob” features in The Other Two‘s Season 3 Episode 6 “Brooke, and We Are Not Joking, Goes to Space.”

“Give that show the Emmy now,” @_ShamGod wrote, including screenshots of how the joke continues in the episode. Other users shared the same clip, leading to millions of views across Twitter.

“I still can’t tell if the original tweet is in earnest, though. Like I refuse to believe it,” one user replied, referencing Hauser’s announcement.

While some congratulated the actor, others replied directly to Hauser’s announcement slamming them and Disney.

“And it’s another woke flop from the Disney/Pixar groomers. Parents have awaken from their trustful slumber to all the deviancy/indoctrination being included in these woke corporations’ products,” Twitter user Jack Fleming Jr wrote.

Others pointed out that comments towards Hauser, and including their original tweet in the joke about The Other Two, were wrong. “Can we joke about Disney’s ‘first queer character’ without [quote retweeting] the original actor celebrating their big break? This isn’t the place to dunk,” @WBlakeKimber wrote.

In a seemingly tongue-in-cheek reference, Twitter user @TomZohar shared a picture of the character he believes was Pixar’s first nonbinary character: the fishing rod with woman’s legs in Sid’s bedroom from Toy Story. He got over 125,000 likes for writing “oh so we’re just going to ignore this legend’s impact?”

The Other Two is an HBO Max comedy starring Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver. New episodes air every Friday as the show, written by former Saturday Night Live writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, is currently in its third season.

Elemental, Pixar Animation Studio’s 27th feature-length film, is available to watch in movie theaters across the United States now.

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  1. Having “they/them” as one’s pronouns is improper English. It’s a woke two for one. You are compelling speech and destroying the meaning of language at the same time.

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