Peyton Manning Slammed for Drinking Bud Light at College World Series

Peyton Manning took in the College World Series in Omaha this weekend, watching his alma mater, Tennessee, play LSU.

The legendary NFL quarterback is taking heat for his beverage choice at the game.

No, seriously.

Manning was reportedly spotted drinking a Bud Light – which, in case you weren’t aware, is now considered a “woke” beverage choice – and some fans aren’t happy.

“Was Peyton Manning drinking a Bud Light?” one fan wrote. “What a woke POS.”

This is the world we live in now. 

The 2023 Men’s College World Series, meanwhile, will continue from Omaha on Sunday afternoon.

Tennessee fell to LSU in the Vols’ opening game of the tournament on Saturday night. Paul Skenes had his way with Tennessee’s lineup for nearly eight full innings.

The Vols will look to get back on track later this weekend.

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  1. Why should he care, he is rich and made that money off the very fans that are trying to save our country. Total clueless eliteist!
    Shame on you Manning, God can easily take away what he so abundantly gave you.

  2. I’m from Boston, so I’m not a Manning fan, but he is a good guy. I’m sure somebody just handed it him and he never gave it another thought. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt here.

  3. some people try to make the South look bad. Mostly yankees. Some Southerners need to resign their heritage, before doing stupid, anti-American stuff. shame on him, and all who still support communist thugs that (like gov’t.) are above the law. Nee grows, Fools, Losers of the NFL

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