David Attenborough’s Crew Attacked by Sharks in Terrifying Encounter

Sir David Attenborough is nothing short of a TV legend, and when the time comes when he is no longer on our screens, it will be very sad day.

But while many of us are more mesmerised by Attenborough’s voice when watching the likes of Our Planet, what we often forget is what he is actually narrating over.

Especially for the likes of Our Planet, the camera crew who go out to film the incredible footage of the animals are really putting themselves in danger for that perfect shot.

In fact, some of Attenborough’s crew faced a literal nightmare while filming Our Planet II as they were attacked by sharks.

The film crew admitted they feared for their lives when their inflatable boats were attacked by man-eaters close to Hawaii while they were gathering some shots of an albatross.

Perhaps the inflatable boat idea wasn’t the best when filming above shark-infested water, but there you have it.

The crew described it was ‘like something from Jaws‘, saying they had to make a rush to dry land to escape the tiger sharks.

Thankfully, they survived and live to tell the story.

The show’s producer Huw Cordey told The Sun’s TVBiz column: “The original idea was to do an underwater shoot with the tiger sharks waiting in the shallows at Laysan.

“But the first day the tiger sharks were around, the crew got into these inflatable boats – and two sharks attacked them.”

“It was like something out of Jaws,” the producer added.

While the crew had plenty of experience working on wildlife shows and the potential risk they may pose, it is really no surprise everyone ‘panicked’ as they were attacked on the small boats.

Cordey explained how the crew effectively had to make ‘an emergency landing’ due to the incident, meaning they didn’t get all the shots wanted for the doc.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is that everyone made it out alive.

Producer and director on Our Planet II Toby Nowlan also spoke on the terrifying incident in an interview with Radio Times.

“This ‘v’ of water came streaming towards us and this tiger shark leapt at the boat and bit huge holes in it. The whole boat exploded,” Nowlan said.

“We were trying to get it away and it wasn’t having any of it. It was horrific. That was the second shark that day to attack us.”

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  1. Yeah Shark week and the people who started it must be LGBTQC because they WANT Predators protected and “OH yeah well that guy being bit in half thats just an accident sorry”. The shark is innocent like the ones going after your children.

    Use our brains people if you arent hit by a shark you are blessed, not lucky and if you are hit by one, its because of these who support predators and not protecting the innocent.
    I get we are in their territory but allowing their territory to grow and not interfere when horror strikes is just plane ridiculous. I get the deep water, I get the need for food, I dont get letting them have free rein over places where people swim with their children.
    Sorry and I realize I may have upset some of you, but you’ll get over it, its my view

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