Man Found Murdered After Texting His Wife He’d Been Kidnapped

The attorney of a wife who called 911 after her husband told her he was being held hostage by a stranger says it’s unknown how the suspect got into his car and allegedly killed him.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers responded to a shooting on June 2 and located the bodies of two deceased males in a parking lot.

A press release issued by attorney Harry Daniels identified one of the men as father of two Qualin Campbell. Police have since identified the second man found dead as 44-year-old David Karels, according to a news release.

Daniels explains he believes Campbell, 32, was held hostage by a homeless person who gained access to his vehicle without consent, prompting Campbell to text his wife for help. 

According to Daniels, there are several ways the suspect may have gained access to Campbell’s company vehicle, but it is still unclear how the stranger got inside.

NBC News reports Campbell worked for All Copy Products in Colorado Springs as a technician. Daniels confirmed the name of his employer and his position to PEOPLE.

According to the release, Campbell’s wife, Talija Campbell, called 911 “nearly an hour earlier to report that her husband had been taken hostage after receiving a desperate message from her husband reading, ‘911. Send Please!’ The message also included Campbell’s location and a picture of the man who had [allegedly] taken him hostage.”

Last week, outside the Colorado Springs Police Department headquarters, Talija criticized police, claiming there was “no sense of urgency” to send help in the call-taker’s voice.

“That didn’t sit right with me. So, I decided to drive to the location that he shared,” Talija said.

Nearly an hour later, Talija said she arrived at his location and police were still not on scene. That’s when she said she spotted her husband “slumped over” in the driver’s seat of his car next to a deceased man with a gun in his lap.

“It was me that had to try to perform CPR on my husband in a pool of blood. I shouldn’t have been the one to have to do that,” Talija said.

Police confirmed the incident is being investigated as a murder-suicide.

The CSPD issued the following statement regarding the killing: “The loss of Qualin Campbell is a tragedy. Our condolences go out to Mr. Campbell’s family, who we know are suffering greatly. Our top priority is to provide them with answers.”

The statement continues, “We are aware there is information circulating about this case, and we understand the concerns and questions that arise as a result. We will continue to gather all relevant details about Mr. Campbell’s death and ensure the accuracy of our findings.”

“While we recognize that many members of the community are eager for immediate information, it is our duty to provide the victim’s family with support and share the details of what we have learned with them before making any public announcement. We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Daniels tells PEOPLE a funeral will be held for Campbell this weekend in Georgia.

The attorneys says the next steps are to petition the Colorado Springs Police Department to release the audio recordings of the police radio communication.

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  1. How is the money taxpayers were told would go to police, and then diverted to psychologists and politicians pockets, going to assist in cases like this?

    Lack of money for enough police means:
    -there are not enough to send to places like this
    -the ratio of cops to criminals is lower
    -criminals are fearless knowing there are not as many cops around as there used to be and they are less worried about being caught,
    -now when criminals are caught, democrats make sure they are back out on the street again.

    What human in their right mind is going to risk their life for this?
    Knowing politicians care more about the criminals than the victims?

    We need to vote Democrats out of politics.

    Half of the Democrats in Congress are proud to admit they are also members of the Communist party.

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