Chef Reported Dead Shows Up at Family’s House (Video)

A popular New Orleans chef who was reported missing and then feared dead proved he was alive when he strolled up to his family’s home on Monday.

Demietriek Scott, 47, was first reported missing over the weekend when the person making the report said they hadn’t heard from Scott in two weeks.

Earlier on Monday, Scott’s family said they’d been told by the Orleans Parish Coroner’s office that preliminary information suggested a body found dumped in the Ninth Ward the same day was thought to be Scott.

But that turned out to be wrong when Scott turned up and spoke to reporters who’d gathered near the family’s home to cover news of his demise.

“I’ve been around,” Scott told WVUE. “I essentially just needed some time for myself.” He added that he appreciated the outpouring of concern and said he didn’t know news of his disappearance had become “a thing.”

“I just needed to get away from everything and just stay in a little while,” he said.


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