New Details Revealed in John Lennon’s Murder

Two different guns may have been used in the December 8, 1980 shooting of music icon John Lennon.

According to British author and TV producer David Whelan, two different types of bullets were removed from Lennon’s body during the autopsy.

One was marked as a Semi-wadcutter or hollow-point bullet, while the other was listed as a 38-caliber lead bullet.

Whelan believes that the different bullet types add weight to his theory that a second shooter was involved in the killing.

The author has spent three years investigating the murder and has highlighted several inconsistencies in the official narrative, including the suggestion that police may have misunderstood how the shooting occurred.

Whelan’s investigation has also revealed a ‘hit list’ compiled by convicted gunman Mark Chapman, including the former Beatle, Godfather actor Marlon Brando, and former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

The prosecution’s accepted version of events was that Chapman shot at Lennon five times, with four of the bullets hitting the singer in the back.

However, Whelan’s witnesses have suggested that the shooting may have been recorded incorrectly and that the fatal shots were actually fired into Lennon’s chest.

Whelan told the Daily Mail, “Though unlikely, it is possible to have different types of ammunition in a single revolver – but Chapman always insisted he was using hollow point wadcutter bullets, and he was familiar with guns and ammunition from his security guard days.”

“Different bullet types found in John Lennon’s body is explosive information,” he continued. “Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Lennon’s autopsy has not been leaked to the world by the authorities, and the wishes of Lennon’s family to keep John’s autopsy private have been respected.”

“If Mark Chapman was shooting hollow bullets at John Lennon and only one hit him, with four missing, this could account for the one which was found in Lennon,” the author told the outlet.

“It could also account for three bullets holes low down in the glass vestibule doors, which were at a height that didn’t match Lennon’s upper left chest wounds.”

“As for the other normal lead bullet that was found in Lennon, could this have come from the weapon of a second shooter inside the vestibule area and be the single bullet that a doctor and two nurses all said was left in Lennon’s body?”

Whelan’s research has led him to question whether Chapman could have been ‘groomed’ for the assassination through manipulation or hypnosis by powerful backers with links to right-wing Southern Baptist groups, the US military, or the CIA.

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