Garth Brooks Admits He ‘Sucked’ at being a Husband and Father

Garth Brooks is opening up about his marriage and confessed he wasn’t the best husband.

During a recent interview, the country star reflected on his relationship with his family and said he knew he had to make some changes.

“I sucked at being a husband, I was horrible at it. I was horrible at being a dad. I had to get my s–t together,” Brooks told Billboard. 

While being in the spotlight for years, the 61-year-old admitted he wasn’t making positive headlines early on in his career, saying he would’ve had a tough time being in the public eye if social media had existed back then. 

“I was on the front page of the USA Today for being a bad husband and man,” Brooks recalled. “I’d have never survived that if there had been social media, ever.”

After being married for nearly two decades to Trisha Yearwood, 58, the singer-songwriter shared the secret to their lasting relationship.

“… I will tell you this, the person you’re with [does make] a huge difference in your life,” he remarked.

The country music superstars have been married since 2005, and Yearwood is a “bonus mom” to Brooks’ three children, Taylor, August and Allie, from his marriage to Sandy Mahl. 

Yearwood revealed that Brooks was “flirting pretty hard” with her over text before they walked the red carpet at the ACM Awards in May.

The “She’s in Love With the Boy” songstress added their relationship is “always a first date, you know? It just really is.” 

Brooks praised his wife when asked why he thinks their relationship has lasted so long. “Come on, you can see why I’m in love with her,” he told E! News at the time.

As music and media evolve over the years, Brooks told Billboard that he won’t stop listening to a country artist just because of cancel culture. 

“Just because … all the sudden The Chicks were cancelled, don’t make the mistake of thinking their music wasn’t any good. Their music was fantastic,” he explained.

“My thing is, I want to hear the new stuff from Luke Combs, followed by the new song from The Chicks, followed by Lainey Wilson.”

The “Friends in Low Places” singer kicked off his Las Vegas residency last month. Brooks also hinted he may be working on new music from Chris Gaines, his alter-ego who released a ‘greatest hits’ alternative rock album in 1999.

Fans can additionally expect a duets album from Brooks and Yearwood.

Aside from his music career, Brooks is diving into a business venture by working on a new Nashville, Tennessee, bar. 

The Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk is currently under construction.

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    Dump his Records, his Radio Music, his Concerts
    and let him enjoy an empty building with NO Christians and No Patriots
    I feel that you need Christ as your Savior Garth but I am afraid the boat has sailed and it seems this was your FAREWELL performance

  2. You know the Garth-man is desperate when he openly admits he is a horrible father. The story never touches on Brooks total abandonment of his first wife & children, canoodling his adulterous affair with the new spring chicken either.
    Brooks has no “friends-in-low-places” he’s a HarveyWood country elitist enduring a washed up fading career…he probably drinks BudLight!

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