Actor Adam Devine Says He Witnessed the Murder of a Millionaire Outside of His Mansion (Video)

The alleged murder of a millionaire who was killed outside his Hollywood Hills mansion was witnessed by actor Adam Devine, the Daily Mail reports.

Police have been investigating the fatal shooting of Emil Lahaziel, a 39-year-old who was shot multiple times in front of his residence, according to KTLA.

The man, who was considered a wealthy high-roller, according to the Daily Mail, was spotted by Devine while he and his wife lounged on the balcony of their neighboring home. 

Devine is an actor most known for the movie “Pitch Perfect” and his hit TV show “Workaholics.”

“People were rolling up in like Lamborghinis and Bentleys and Rolls Royces and s*** and, like, old guys, who for sure f*** prostitutes and play cards,” Devine recalled on the “This Is Important” podcast later that day. “And I see these dudes, and it’s, like, fun to sit and watch, [so] me and my wife, we’re sitting up on our balcony, and, like, this looks crazy,” he continued.

“This is where it gets sad. Someone was murdered there,” the actor described.

Investigators reportedly believed that the victim was standing in his driveway while talking to the suspect. The two became argumentative before the suspect took out a gun and opened fire, according to police.

The suspect reportedly fled in an unknown vehicle and is yet to be apprehended, a police spokesperson said. Another neighbor also reportedly said the victim was hosting a poker game, which he left to speak to the suspect.

“During the party, the valet let one of the guests know that somebody had arrived and was outside and wanted to talk to him,” the neighbor said.

“So the guest left the party, left the house, came outside, and there was a squabble. The guy in the car shot the guest,” she added.

According to news site Ynet, the victim’s father wasn’t sure of any motive either. “I don’t know what exactly happened there, neither does his wife. I didn’t hear that he had conflicts with people,” he told the outlet.

Lahaziel was also reported by the outlet to be a former resident of Israel who had lived in Miami for over eight years.


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