Woman Saying Goodbye to Her Husband at His Funeral Notices He’s Blinking (Video)

There’s nothing on earth that will prepare you for the deep loss that comes when grieving the death of a loved one.

But when a bizarre twist of fate happens during their funeral, that’s the kind of thing that completely changes everything.

Nola Swart was having a mother-daughter weekend while her husband Fred was away at a cabin fishing with his best friend.

The pair were in the middle of making cookies when her cellphone rang. It was her husband’s phone number, but when she picked up, she immediately noticed that it was his friend James’ voice on the other end.

Nola asked James what was happening and it was at that moment that he told her that something had happened and Fred was dead.

“No! Stop it, James! This is a bad joke. Stop!” Nola exclaimed. But deep down in her heart, she knew that James wouldn’t lie about something like this.

He had been best friends with Fred since the first grade.

In a complete fog, Nola managed to call her mom to come and stay with her daughter Kelly while she took the two-hour car trip to the coroner’s office.

The coroner divulged to Nola and James that Fred likely had a massive heart attack, which had killed him instantly.

However, he did recommend having an autopsy performed by a pathologist for further answers, which Nola quickly refused. She didn’t like the thought of anyone cutting up her husband’s body.

At the open-casket funeral when Nola went up to say goodbye to her husband, he blinked his eyes at her. To find out what happened after, watch the video below.


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