Adults Start Fighting at Little Mermaid Screening (Video)

This is the shocking moment a fight broke out between theater-goers in Florida.

Video shared on social media caught an argument between a group of adults at a screening of The Little Mermaid in Orlando.

Much of the language is inaudible as people shout over each other, but one voice cuts in and gets to the point: ‘I need a refund on my ticket, no.

‘We need a refund. This is a kids’ movie. Oh my god.’


According to the TikTok’s narration, the witness ‘took their daughter to see The Little Mermaid in Orlando and this happens’.

Customers are seen getting increasingly animated as the argument fails to resolve. 

Later in the clip, a man appears to step in to try to defuse the situation but it is not clear from the video if the clash ends.

User comments on the video alleged that the clash started after a young couple kissing caught in one of the rows ignored pleas to stop.

It was not immediately clear from the video why the fight broke out, or when it ended.

Social media users on TikTok and Twitter went online to share their reactions to the clip.

Some felt the argument was inappropriate for young audiences.

Michael Thomas, on TikTok, wrote: ‘And this is why I’ll wait for it to stream on Disney Plus.

‘This behavior is just straight uncalled for[,] especially in front of children.’ 

Twitter user jahsodivine said: ‘Just ruinin the whole movie those children’. 

Other social media users shared frustrations in response to the video.

One user wrote on Twitter: ‘I would’ve been so mad. You paid your money to watch a movie and you have to deal with that.

Envyislovely suggested ‘people will literally fight anywhere’, reacting to the video, and that there are ‘no exceptions in their minds’.

Others saw the funny side. TikTok user Lexxx Taylor wrote: ‘It’s the movie still playing in the background’ with a laughing emoji.

Twitter user ctrlsinn noted: ‘Right during my favorite song too.’ 

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  1. What is wrong with people can’t even go to a kids movie without this crap going on. People fighting at airports, amusement parks, restaurants, malls society has completely broken down

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