Alec Baldwin is Recovering from Surgery in ‘Cat Poop-Filled Room’

Alec Baldwin is dealing with a lot of s – – t.

His wife, Hilaria Baldwin, posted to her Instagram Stories on Thursday night that Alec is recovering from a hip replacement in a less-than-ideal environment.

“Alec has to sleep in a room that’s safe for him to get around the first few days of his hip surgery. Carmen, Alec and I went out for a little bit and we came back to the cats leaving some surprises in that room, which was poop because some of them are babies,” Hilaria candidly shared with her 999,000 followers. 

“The cats are normally clean, but occasionally s – – t happens. You can imagine he wasn’t super excited to see that.” 

At one point, Alec awkwardly bent down to pick up and inspect some cat poop, thinking perhaps it was a crumbled-up black crayon.

The actor held the excrement with his bare hands and held it up to his nose and confirmed that it was, indeed, feline feces and not a coloring implement.

It’s “the best part of the story,” Hilaria said.

The mother of seven shared news of her husband’s hip-replacement procedure earlier this week with an Instagram photo of her sitting next to the 65-year-old actor in a hospital bed and thanking his doctors. 

Last fall, Hilaria, a 39-year-old yoga guru, posted a video on social media of the family’s new kitten, Camila Valenciana Azul.

“She’s a charcoal bengal and siblings with our other two…Emilio is a brown, Cayetana is a snow…got pretty much the whole bengal rainbow now. I’m truly a cat lady,” she wrote in a caption on Instagram.

Alec’s hip-replacement surgery comes after prosecutors dropped the criminal charges against him in April for the on-set death of “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after he discharged a prop gun that had been loaded with real ammunition.

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