Actress Mary Steenburgen Admits Getting ‘Turned On’ by Controversial Actor in Love Scene

Mary Steenburgen indicated on “Watch What Happens Live” that she was once genuinely turned on by an actor during a love scene. (Watch the video below.)

Steenburgen spilled the tea in a segment posted online Friday, following a visit to the show last month. When host Andy Cohen asked if she was brave enough to say more, she answered, “Johnny Depp.”

The two had a steamy encounter in 1993′s “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

“Oh, damn,” reacted Jane Fonda, one of Steenburgen’s co-stars in the new film “Book Club: The Next Chapter.”

“Yeah!” Steenburgen replied.

Fast-forward to 3:50:

Steenburgen and Depp’s onscreen passion unfolded decades before his real-life domestic drama with ex-wife Amber Heard earned uncomfortable headlines around the world. But the scene was memorable:

Fonda, meanwhile, told Cohen that she got truly hot and bothered by her “Rollover” co-star Kris Kristofferson, drawing approval from the host.

The trailer for the 1981 film has snippets of their intimacy:

Another “Next Chapter” actor, Candice Bergen, told Cohen that she had not gotten turned on with the cameras rolling.

The host extracted the dish during a game of “Agree or Disagree,” with the guests having to respond to various prompts.

He got the ball rolling by saying: “I have never been genuinely turned on while filming a love scene. … Agree or disagree?”

When Steenburgen and Fonda held up signs that said “disagree,” Cohen pursued the matter.

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