Alligator Traps Swimmers in Middle of Lake (VIDEOS)

Swimmers were trapped on a raised platform in a Texas lake as an alligator lurked nearby, videos show.

The videos shared Sunday, May 28, by a TikTok user showed dozens of swimmers along the Huntsville State Park shore while others were trapped on the platform.

Alligators are among the creatures that live in the lake, which is in a northern suburb of Houston.

Many people said in the TikTok comments that visitors are often warned about the lake’s habitants. But some likely didn’t get the memo.



♬ original sound – antonio

♬ original sound – antonio

“Sorry humans but the gators are in their natural habitat,” one commenter said.

Additional videos show a park ranger in a boat rescuing the trapped swimmers.

It’s unclear how long the swimmers were stranded.


♬ original sound – antonio

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  1. What about those two splashing away in the shallow waters. ? Are they all Mexicans or what?

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