Leonardo DiCaprio’s Bizarre ‘Tweaking’ Behavior Worries Fans (VIDEO)

Leonardo DiCaprio made a comeback to the Cannes Film Festival on May 21, having previously appeared there in 2019.

DiCaprio had effortlessly captured everyone’s attention at the event, but his fans were alarmed after seeing a video of him “tweeking” surfaced on social media platforms.

DiCaprio attended the premiere of ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, one of the most anticipated movies at this year’s festival.

DiCaprio and Robert De Niro play the key characters in the Martin Scorsese-directed movie. DiCaprio last made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 for the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, which also starred Brad Pitt.

On Sunday, May 21, Scorsese and De Niro accompanied DiCaprio as they walked the red carpet. He went with a formal tuxedo and necktie with his trademark style of having his hair styled back with a light wave.


DiCaprio’s appearance at the event wasn’t going to be treated lightly as every second of his presence there was being captured.

One person wrote, “Yah, my mom had those same twitches. it’s a nervous tic though, nothing more. irritating af if you ask me, but a tic not a tweak.”

Another fan praising DiCaprio’s acting skills wrote, “To be fair that’s a pretty decent Marlon Brandon impersonation.”

A third person wrote, “Must’ve been a really long day.” This other person wrote, “Oh wow… kind of cringe,” to which another reponded, “Right? I found two clips of him walking in and then hanging out with Deniro. It was just awkward.”

One individual wrote, “Me when I’m insanely bored and want the people around me to F off.” Another fan simply said, “Oh gawd. I hope he pulls it together.” Another one brought up Leo’s dating history,

“This man weirds me out. He’s my age and dates women younger than my daughter who is 25. I’m not opposed to large age differences but this guy only dates women younger than 24. It’s gross He’s got more than one bad habit if you ask me.”

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