1 Dead, 4 Missing After Luxury Fishing Boat Sinks Off US Coast

The five people aboard the boat were last seen Sunday afternoon.

The Coast Guard is searching for four missing people after a luxury charter fishing boat sank off the coast of Alaska.

Rescuers located one deceased individual near the vessel partially submerged near a small island close to Sitka, Alaska, according to the Coast Guard.

Kingfisher Charters, a Sitka-based company that operates all-inclusive fishing trips, reported the missing vessel to the Coast Guard on Sunday evening. The vessel was last seen on Sunday afternoon near Kruzof Island, less than 10 miles from the small rocky island where the ship was found, according to the Coast Guard.

“We’re working quickly to locate the unaccounted-for individuals,” Coast Guard Commanding Duty Officer Trevor Layman said, citing multiple “unknowns” involved in the search.

Kingfisher Charters offers all-inclusive fishing packages and operates guided trips on 30-foot power boats that can carry up to six anglers on a boat, according to the company website.

The Coast Guard did not immediately provide information about the missing fishermen.

Kingfisher Charters did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The Sitka Fire Department and nearby private vessels are assisting the Coast Guard in the search efforts. The Sitka Fire Department referred all questions about the search to the Coast Guard.

Sitka often attracts anglers from across the United States for its king salmon and halibut fishing, both currently in season. Located in Alaska’s Southeast panhandle, Sitka has over 8,000 residents across Baranof Island, according to the latest census data.

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