Tom Hanks and Wife’s ‘Angry Exchange’ on the Red Carpet Explained

Original Article – Rita Wilson has explained what actually happened after her and Tom Hanks were pictured having a seemingly heated exchange with a member of staff at the Cannes Film Festival.

The couple attended the premiere for their new film Asteroid City on Tuesday, but didn’t look happy as they spoke to the festival worker.

Tom seemed frustrated as he pointed as finger, while Rota held her hands up while speaking to the man on the red carpet.

However, she has now taken to Instagram to set the record straight and insisted they had a “great time” at the glitzy event.

Sharing a picture of the exchange, Rita wrote: “This is called I can’t hear you. People are screaming. What did you say? Where are we supposed to go?

“But that doesn’t sell stories!”

She added: “We had a great time! Go and see Asteroid City!”

After finally figuring out where they were supposed to go, Tom and Rita were all smiles as they posed for the cameras.

Tom looked dapper wearing a black tuxedo and matching bow tie, completing his look with a crisp white shirt.

Rita looked especially glamorous wearing a black dress adorned with silver jewels which sparkled in the lights.

She also opted for a long black cloak which trailed behind her and accessorized her look with some simple silver earrings.

Rita also decided on a glamorous makeup look, complete with a nude lipstick, and pulled her hair back into an elegant up-do.

The couple both star in the upcoming film Asteroid City, which is directed by Wes Anderson.

The film is set in a fictional desert town and tells the story of stargazing in the desert.

At the center of the story is widower Augie Steenbeck, played by long-time Wes Anderson collaborator Jason Schwartzman.

The cast also includes performances from stars such as Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson and Maya Hawke.

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  1. Glamorous? Whomever is doing the writing on this article better start looking at our actresses from the 40s through the 50s. I don’t see Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Joan Crawford, or other women of that era EVER look like some frumpy old lady! For crying out loud it took 5 minutes to do that hair style. Clearly no setting gel, or hairspray ir even curls were done on the side including that HORRIBLE color! Her makeup took five minutes as well! I highly suggest you go back and find out how long it took for actresses and personalities took to get ready to be public ready! Tom is wearing the typical standard tuxedo that every man has ever worn!
    Also, you really are writing a story on trying to create something dramatic while they are just asking for directions? Wow, crickets must really be chirping in Hollywood if this is the story.

    Unless it has garbage being spewed by Harry and Meghan, the Khardashians, the trash from The View, or old deranged idiots that are has beens like like Bette, Madonna, Cher, Robert, Stephen, Alex, or Babs it seems like none of Hollywood knows what to do without a script or being told like they were years ago by Warner Brothers how to act, be seen with, or what to wear.

  2. Total drivel and a People magazine story. Don’t clutter up my mail box with this crap.

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